Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Few Repairs and Upgrades

It has finally been determined that we do not have a foundation problem nor an underground pipe leak - big sigh of relief. What brought us to believe that we had one or the other was some wall cracks. The foundation people said we had a heave on one corner of the house, it wasn't a big one, but large enough to cause cracks on the opposite end of the house.
The cracks in the dining room were fixed (Hub did a really good job), there are still a few ceiling cracks. These I believe are from crappy tape and bedding work done by the builder.

Hub and I decided that we're removing the 5 red tip photinias from the front of the house, as this is the corner of the house where the heave is located. Hmm, could it be the roots of these plants are actually causing the foundation to raise???
I'm hoping we can do it within the next two weeks, because the temperature is really going to start rising into the upper 90's soon.

Once that is done, we discussed items which needs replacing and/or upgrading around the house. As usual money is the determining factor as to what gets done. Here are a few things that we both mentioned and some extras that I would like.
  1. New airconditioning unit, along with some work up in the attic to accommodate the larger unit.
  2. Patch ALL cracks
  3. Plumb and/or re-hang all the doors - because of the heave, the doors are all wonky.
  4. Painting - I too am tired of the beige.
  5. New fence - the last storm pretty much moved up the priority. I want vinyl, Hub wants wood.
  6. Replace carpeting - in certain parts of the house: master bedroom and guest room. After nine years, it feels like I'm walking on concrete.
  7. Tile the kitchen floor - the kitchen and breakfast areas along with the laundry room will need to be done professionally because it's a huge area.
  8. Tile or install hard wood in the dining room - with the octagonal shape of the room and ceiling, I like to have a simple, yet unique pattern.
  9. Carpet or hardwood in the living room and office - haven't quite decided, but definitely one or the other.
  10. New counter tops in kitchen - I'm tired of cheap, crappy looking formica!!!!
  11. Pedalstal sinks in both bathrooms.
  12. Rip out the tub in the master bath and expand the shower. Of course a minimum of two shower heads will be needed.
  13. Upgrade all lighting fixtures.
  14. Re-tile the fireplace and raise the hearth.
  15. Retile the entry way to match the fireplace. This depends on the living room decision.
  16. New windows through out - especially the master bath.
  17. New appliances in the kitchen - refrigerator with freezer on the bottom, dual drawer dishwasher, and front loading washer\dryer
  18. New ceiling fans
  19. Enlarging the patio - 10X10 doesn't quite do it for me. I want bigger!!!
  20. Gutters all around the house
  21. Replace the shrubs in the front yard
  22. Trim the tree - it's gotten soo big and wild looking.

I probably could go on with 10 more thinks, but I'm getting depressed just thinking of the cost to do all this. Luckily only a small percentage is mandatory.

Thanks to Diva for giving me something to blog about.


Wolf Lover Girl said...

Good luck with all the repairs!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Jess said...

Don't you hate those dinky little builder patios? They're just so stupid.

We're having trouble prioritizing, unfortunately. I think the storage shed has got to be first, and when that goes in the garden will too...maybe this fall :)