Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh, My Gosh!

It has sooo been forever. Life and laziness has kept me from posting for over a year. It's my own fault, no one elses.
I'm a bad person.

Ok, now that we have that cleared up, on with the post...

Came back from a nice and much needed vacation last week. Five gorgeous days in San Diego, it was heaven. As usual, we were busy the entire time, going from one place to another. I did manage to grab a couple of geocaches, one on Harbor Island, and the other at Balboa Park. I couldn't help it, the weather was perfect. Our hotel accommodations were great; loved the room upgrade.

Came back to work on Tuesday, I needed a day to recoup from the vacation. So now I'm finally winding up the work week, all four days of it. Hahaha!! Although, I must admit that today has been the longest day ever. Looking forward to this weekend.
Saturday (half day only) will be spent cleaning the house, then, it's all me. Will go out and play photographer, enjoy the weather, and maybe do a little GeoCaching.

Hopefully I'll get to the computer by Sunday to post some photos, we'll see what happens.

Enjoy the day!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

How Time Flies

Time somehow gets away from us like a slippery snake. I know it's been a while since my last post, but I didn't realize it was THAT long ago. Well, here's a few things mind you, it's not all that thrilling really:

Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent at home. Originally, we were to drive to El Paso and Atlanta to visit family, but that never occurred due to the impending layoff of Hub. Had to save money. Needless to say it was a very lean Christmas. January came and Hub was officially laid off. Although, a severance package was given, I still wanted him to find a job as quickly as possible. I forgot how time consuming and arduous this process is. Things are now looking really quite good, when it rains it pours. He's expecting to hear back from a few companies in the next week or so. Keep your fingers crossed.

As for me, work is... well, work. Super busy the last couple of months on a project that was being fast tracked without out our knowledge. Really fun, trying to figure out how a new (huge, really huge) enhancement works without documentation. Someone REALLY dropped the ball on the communication end of things.

My back is doing great, no more pain - yay!! I still go to the chiropractor to keep things in line. The one thing that I'm still amazed by is that I no longer have the allergy issues I used to have. Since correcting my back, my sinus' are behaving.

Started a new little hobby called Geo Caching. It's a high tech game of hide and seek. Using a GPS or some sort of navigation devise, you can hide or seek containers called "geocaches" Each cache contains a log book and sometime small little objects to trade (take one you leave one). Once found you sign the log book and hide the cache were you found it (for the next person), then log it on the website. This game is great, love running around trying to find these caches without bringing any attention to myself. You gotta be in stealth mode, you don't want "muggles" (non-geocachers) to find the cache. I've noticed a lot of parents do this with their kids. It's great fun and gets my happy butt outside.

Right now I'm taking vacation time from the office to work at the DALLAS International Film Festival (DIFF) as one of their photographers. Normally, I prefer working the Red Carpet, but it's been so darn windy that I'm glad I'm shooting the Question & Answer portion of the film screenings. The downside, is that I missed photographing Ann Margaret and Dennis Quaid. :( I've had the opportunity to see some excellent films, and a few documentaries. Oh yeah, I was cruising a film site and came across a photo I took of Liener Temerlin (founder of DIFF) and Ross Perot during the opening night Red Carpet. Check it out, scroll down till you see to men in tuxedos. Cool!!

On a side note, Mothers, if you are planning on vaccinating your babies or having your daughter take the Gardasil injections you MUST see The Greater Good documentary by Chris Pilaro and Kendall Nelson.

So, all in all, things are going well. Since I now must run to drive down into Dallas, I'm hoping to get some celebrity shots either today or tomorrow. If so, I'll post them.

Till next time...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feeling the Pain and Loving It (sort of)

One day back in October, Hub and I went to a local festival and came across a booth run by a chiroprator offering a free chiropractic spine test. Hub and I had just recently talked about me going to have my back checked out because my back hurt. It hurt in the morning, it hurt when I walked for long periods of time, and when I sat for too long. I was hurting pretty much all the time, but I had become so accustomed to it that I learned to ignore it. So I thought what the heck, I'm here and the chiroprator was here and it was a freebie test.
This is how I found myself a patient or client at Starin's Chiropractic Care and Family Wellness Center.

I was diagnosed with a curved spine and subluxation of the vertibrae which is a misalignment of the vertibrae. A subluxation can cause pain, because when the bones move they press on nerves that exit out holes provided by the interface between two adjacent vertibrae.

So now, three times a week I get my back adjusted, and get physical therapy and trigger point therapy. One day a week I have a deep tissue massage.
After a month of these adjustments, trigger point therapy and exercises I am feeling pretty darn good. I'm amazed at the way I'm walking now, it's more of a fluid movement. I feel as though I'm gliding, it's great.

A couple of days ago I had an evaluation of my progress, and found that I've improved by 63%. I still have a ways to go, but it's worth it! My back is straightening out, I now have less than half the number of subluxated vertibrae than before. I still have some irrated nerves, but it's getting better.

My massage therapist Carolyn, is wonderful. She is a 26 year old, 6 ft. amazon. Great sense of humor and immediately puts you at ease.
She'll grab my back muscles and work the knots (muscle contractions or trigger points) out with a vengence. Not really, although, she has a firm touch and will apply as much pressure as I can take in order to release the trigger points. When a trigger point is released, toxins within the muscle contraction are also released, so you have to drink plenty of water to flush them out of your system otherwise you can end up feeling nauseated. It's also highly recommended to soak in hot water and Epsom salt to relax the muscles. The Epsom salt also help in what ever bruising occurs; and yes, I was bruised. You have to go through discomfort to feel better.

My physical therapist, Rachel, is a crazy little blonde who weighs 90 pounds (if that much) soaking wet. She's also is a motorcycle riding stunt woman. I'm not too sure how old she is, but she looks like she could be in her late teens. She, also, has a great sense of humor and is always in a good mood. Everyone likes her.

Overall, everyone there is extremely nice and very personable.

I'll continue posting updates on my progress and experience. So for now I shall bid you adieu and talk to y'all later.

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I'm Watching...

Yay for the fall television season!! During the summer I was really good about not watching too much television, but now that the fall season has begun things may change a bit. There are just too many shows that I want to watch.

As usual, there are the reality shows. Yes, I am a reality show junkie - but for certain shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, and the Biggest Loser. Those are my MUST see shows. Other returning shows like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Law and Order: SVU, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, and NCIS are also on the top of my list.

Glee! I started watching the summer reruns of Glee and fell in love. I like music and comedies individually, but when they are combined into a one hour show I am in heaven. I strongly incourage you to give this show a try, it's one of (if not the) best shows on television.

During the summer I started watch Friday Night Lights, and got hooked after the first episode. I saw the entire first season in less than a week. I'm hoping to start season 2 this weekend. This is another show I recommend.

I almost forgot about the cable channels and the shows they offer. Just about everything on the Foodnetwork is good. Although, the one show I don't like is Down Home with the Neeleys. These two people make me want to puke. Yuk, I hate this show, and refuse to watch it.
I like Top Chef, The Next Foodnetwork Star, Ace of Cakes, and anything with Guy Fieri (Diner's Drive Inns and Dives) is good.

There so much to watch that I would need extra vcr's or tivo, or dvr's to record everything I like. How about a 48 hour day, that might do it? Just kidding.

Anyway, this post is just a rambling of what I like to watch on television. I haven't even listed the new shows, I'll save that for another post.

Until next time...

Friday, September 03, 2010

It's Friday - Yippeee!!!

The start of the weekend is almost here… Yippee!
All I have to do is get through 4 hours of work and then I can go home. As you can guess, I’m writing this from my desk at work and I only have 20 minutes to go. I’d rather not start something new that I couldn’t finish within 20 minutes, so here I am blogging instead of working. Yes, I am lazy today.

There are no plans for this weekend really. The only thing I need/want to do is visit Michele’s grave on Monday. I can’t believe she’s been gone a year. Thinking of you often Michele!!

Anyways, I think Hub wants to go to the movies to see Avatar, in 3D no less. Other than that, it’s working in the yard and possibly finding something to shoot (photos). I need to get some photos up on my other blog on a regular basis. Yes, I’ve been ignoring that site too.

Anyways, my time is almost up, so I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Until next time…

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sun Fun Day

I spoke with my mom and brother the other day and they are urging me to begin posting to the blog again on a regular basis. They're right, I should be posting, whether or not anything of interest happens in my life. So, I guess I'll start with this weekend.

Hub and I went to a birthday party for a special little girl, my godson's big sister Rachel. She turned 8 years old and her parents threw a pizza pool party for her. After the party, Hub and I watched the kids while Dave and Jama went to run a couple of errands. It was fun, Hub and D.J. had a water gun fight and Hub lost. Hahaha!

Here are some of the photos.

D.J. and Rachel

Rachel, the birthday girl and her grandparents.