Friday, September 03, 2010

It's Friday - Yippeee!!!

The start of the weekend is almost here… Yippee!
All I have to do is get through 4 hours of work and then I can go home. As you can guess, I’m writing this from my desk at work and I only have 20 minutes to go. I’d rather not start something new that I couldn’t finish within 20 minutes, so here I am blogging instead of working. Yes, I am lazy today.

There are no plans for this weekend really. The only thing I need/want to do is visit Michele’s grave on Monday. I can’t believe she’s been gone a year. Thinking of you often Michele!!

Anyways, I think Hub wants to go to the movies to see Avatar, in 3D no less. Other than that, it’s working in the yard and possibly finding something to shoot (photos). I need to get some photos up on my other blog on a regular basis. Yes, I’ve been ignoring that site too.

Anyways, my time is almost up, so I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Until next time…

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bad credit said...

nice to see you were blogging instead of working lol