Friday, October 24, 2008

The Answer is: Under 30 Dollars

How much did it cost to fill my car with gas?

On the way to work this morning I realized I was running low on petrol, so I swung into the Sam's Club parking lot (Main St. Lewisville) and headed to their pumps. They were unusually busy this morning but I didn't think much of it being Friday and all.

With Sam's card (and debit card) in hand I walked to the pump and proceeded to swipe the cards. This is when I noticed the price was $2.29!!!

Yes, gas for 2.29 a gallon! WoooHooo!!!

I immediately called Hub and told him to saddle up the truck and get on out here!

That's a great way to start the weekend.

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"Z" said...

I may have to go there for my gas today too since I'll be in the area. Most likely though I wont want to deal with the mob of people so I'll pay the $2.40 something here on my way home.