Saturday, April 28, 2007

Secrets of The Pantry

A couple of weeks ago Hub decided it was time to re-organize the kitchen pantry. During this reorganization, he found out a couple of things about me.

  1. I hide food from him, and
  2. I REALLY like mustard

This may not be considered a big deal, but to him, hiding food (especially chocolate) is a serious matter. Yup, he found my stash of Harry & David chocolate milk balls!! When confronted, I tried to play the memory loss card - I looked at him with total confusion and feigned surprise - "where did those come from???"

Since it is out in the open, I must confess that for the last few years, whenever purchasing my little "guilty pleasures", I have been hiding them in plain site. I have to, otherwise Hub will find it and eat it. We've had this conversation many times - just because we buy it today, does not mean it MUST be immediately consumed.

Well, I guess after all these years that's just one of the many things that I love about him - I just hope he doesn't find the chocolate bar in my sock drawer.

Item number two - my not-quite-a-mustard-obsession obsession:

While Hub was on his quest for the organized pantry, he discovered one mustard jar after another. In some cases there were duplicate jars in the refrigerator. Upon his discovery, the interrogation began - well, maybe not an interrogation just a whole bunch of why questions.

I couldn't help myself, it just looked soooo good on the shelf I had to try it. Plus, I also explained to him the need for different types of mustard was in direct correlation to the type of sandwich or salad one was about to prepare. I refuse to even consider the possibility of thinking I'm wrong on this one.

So here we are, with my current mustard collect - ta daaaa!!!

There are actually two bottles of French's regular mustard, used primarily for hot dogs, hamburgers, bologna sandwiches, and the regular picnic potato salad. This condiment is a must in every household.

Next is the Grey Poupon regular (2 jars) and a deli style; both of which are excellent on sliced turkey and chicken sandwiches. Mind you, I never drive around town in my chauffeured limo without it.

Heinz Spicy Brown, excellent on grilled knackwurst, polish sausage and brats. Yum-ee!!

One virgin mustard (untasted) is Harry & David's Honey Dill mustard; I'm thinking this would taste great in a potato salad or possibly even a pasta salad. Ooh, deviled eggs!!!

And another "yet to be tasted" is Lars' Own Swedish Style Spicy Brown mustard. This has such a rich, dark brown SPICY look to it, I'm picturing it as a glaze on a baked ham. Or possibly mixed in with my favorite barbecue sauce, or a dipping sauce.

I guess that's enough for now, as I have driven my saliva glands into a tizzy .
But, before I go and find another hiding spot for my sock drawer chocolate bar, I leave you with two things -
  1. Just because it's in the pantry doesn't mean you have to eat it now.
  2. There is nothing wrong with a little mustard variety. After all, mustard "IS" the spice of life.
Until next time....


Jess said...

This is hilarious.

For me, it's not's soup. I have 3248323 different kinds of soup in my pantry. I see them in the store and think they look good...but then I only ever eat the standards, and the fancy soup stays in there.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I'm sitting here eating Skittles and almost spit them out when you discussed the "surprise" of items in the pantry.. just funny! I could probably get away with that as well.
And agree... just because we bought it doesn't mean it must be eaten as soon as we get home. Remember we JUST ate dinner before going to the store. Silly men have bigger eyes than stomachs.

~ Wolf Lover Girl