Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catch Up Time

Oh my gosh!! It seems like ages since I last posted. A few things have happened since early July, both good and bad.

One good thing is Hub and I finally had a new air conditioning system (and furnace) installed at the house. I never realized how sucky the first one was - home builder crap is what it was. Luckily I was not the one who was at home when all this happened - didn't want to sit in a hot house all day long. The actual reason was that I don't feel comfortable with strangers (men) in my house without Hub there. Hub whole-heartily agree with me.

It took the entire day to gut the attic and install new (bigger) equipment. But now, the house is soooooo much more evenly cooled. Apparently, we needed a whole lotta stuff done - all of which is Greek to me. As long as Hub understands it (and I'm not sweatin') I am happy. The only job I have is to figure out the programmable thermostat - piece-o-cake!

It stopped raining a couple of weeks ago, and Hub is now playing frisbee golf every weekend with Da Boys - Ernie and Mr.M. From what I hear he's getting pretty good at it. It's fun to hear him tell me how it went - he gets very animated and shows me how he threw this one frisbee, how it went over the water trap and came back around, how the wind caught this frisbee, how he threw the wrong frisbee and lost it in the lake. I'm really happy he's out doing something on the weekends. If I can only get him to help a little more with house work during the week. Oh well, as long as he's having fun.

I started another photography class, this one is a "Special Interest" class. It introduces various types of photography - still life, abstract, landscape and I think sports. I'm enjoying it.

I'm learning more features of my camera than I thought I would. I've actually been shooting in manual mode which used to freak me out, but now - not so much. I'm also trying to break myself of using Photoshop on everything. The camera just about does it all. The down side is I am becoming familiar with more equipment I feel I MUST have. Unfortunately, after the huge expense of the air conditioning/furnace unit, I must resist the urge to spend. Soon though, very soon I will buy some new accessory.

On the down side of the month, a very good friend of mine Beamer was diagnosed with leukemia. Beamer is one of the nicest person I know. She works hard to support her kids, minds her own business, stays out of trouble, but this has not been her year. It's one crappy thing after another, it seems that no matter how hard she tries, when things start looking good WHAP!! she gets knocked down harder than the last time. Of all the people I know, she is the last one to deserve any of this. She was schedule for surgery which would have improved her (I guess the best way of putting it is) quality of life, but the anesthesiologist reviewed her blood test and didn't like what he saw (because of the leukemia) and wouldn't do the surgery without direct word from her oncologist. Who by the way, had already okayed it with the doctor performing the surgery. This surgery was the one thing she was working toward for the last 3 months. I'm really hoping this pans out in her favor.

In-Laws are coming to town to visit. This is a good thing. Hub's aunt and cousin are coming to visit MIL (mother-in-law) for a few days and we are on the itinerary. Unfortunately, I, at this particular moment, cannot take time off from work because of a HUGE, high profile, very visible project. Beginning next week I will be in the "DON'T COME INTO MY CUBE, THE PHONE WILL BE FORWARDED AND DON'T EMAIL ME BECAUSE I WON'T ANSWER YOU" state of being. Hopefully, I won't start smoking at work again (haven't done that since the end of last year).

Okay, so I went from in-laws to work, oh well, killed two birds with one stone.

On the funny side, a website was brought to my attention which is the most hysterical and strangest site I have viewed yet. If you want to get a chuckle going or need a huge smile on your face check what CheezBurger is doing. New pictures are posted just about every day.

I hope this makes you smile. If you go to this site you can literally see hundreds, if not a thousand photos similar to this one.

It'll make your day.

Until next time...

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Jess said...

Hey chica! Was wondering what had happened to you!

Psst, my belly dancing instructor is performing at some Lebanese/middle eastern restaurants in the coming weeks...wanna go?