Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Hobbling

I went to the doctor to find out how my torn tendon is doing. Yes, I have a torn Achilles tendon in my right foot.
So far my foot has been immobilized for the past three weeks, and I still have another week + to go.

Obviously, I can't just take the boot off and start walking, because my muscles have atrophied to a degree, and the tendon will need to be stretched. It's a slow and somewhat painful (so I've heard) process, but I'm up for it.
I'm just chompin' at the bits to get back on a regular workout routine.

Just 10-12 more days of the boot and less than a week and a half of therapy and I should be able to wear a pair of shoes. Although, I will need to make sure that I wear the same color socks. Lately, I've been a bit lazy and really haven't paid attention to what color sock I put on my right foot. On the average, it sure as heck doesn't match my left one.

And I know that there's no excuse for not color coordinating your feet.

I will be driving myself to work and therapy tomorrow. Poor Hub has been chauffeuring me everywhere since this happened. I need to be able to get around (outside the house) on my own, it'll definitely give him a break.

Until next time...

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